Foal Nomination Payment A or E Foal Nominations close on 1st July each year and there are two options: Payment A - Nomination of a foal with further sustaining payments required. Payment E - Fully Paid Option Nominators may, at their option make a "one-up" payment. This will result in the horse concerned being regarded as "Fully Paid Up". No further sustaining payment are then required. (Payment B,  & D are not then required). Yearling Sustaining Fee - Payment B or FA yearling sustaining payment will be required to validate entries for the three yea old series, or providing the foal nomination payment has been made it can be "Fully Paid Up" (Payment F) and no further sustaining fees are required. Three Year Old Sustaining - Payment D - three year old sustaining payment will be required to be eligible for the three year old races. The payment closes on 1st July when the horse is two. Late Payment ExtensionIf you miss the closing date there are late payment extensions for a specified time after the closing date with additional fees. These vary from series to series and can be obtained by contacting the office.  Late EntryAny filly that has not been nominated and sustained may by way of a late payment be declared eligible for selection. The Late Entry is 10% plus GST of the Final stake.